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Audits and Reviews

We take a long hard stare at your organisation. A Paddington Bear Stare. We can take a helicopter view, or drill down into a specific area you have identified. We like to take a broad overview to see the whole picture as well as the micro environment. We can review how the organisation is operating and look at key competitors and market trends. We have a broad senior management background so have experience across the board. This broad approach along with day to day operations gives us an unique insight into people and how they respond to challenges and change. Staff and colleagues need to be supported and kept up to speed with plans or they may become disenfranchised and disillusioned.

Support Services

At times there is a deep valley ahead and we cannot see past the mountain ranges. We have led dynamic businesses operating in competitive markets and been responsible for the day to day operations, multi-site and multi-national. Our experience includes operational management, administration, customer services, marketing, procurement, distribution, health & safety, central human resources, ISO management systems, risk management, compliance, governance, business intelligence and KPIs. We can help strengthen key areas to give you breathing space. We can also help recruit and mentor staff to move you forward.

Business Turnarounds and Exit Strategies

Sometimes you reach the top of the mountain and have nowhere to go. Goals have been achieved. Or a crisis knocks you off course and the organisation sails too close to the rocks or the edge of a cliff. We have lived and survived the full business cycle, the highs and the lows. We can help steady a ship in stormy waters, rescue a critical situation, and help guide a suitable exit if this is what is needed.

“We are passionate about helping you be the success you can be.”

Case Studies

Scientific Equipment Supplier

A well established science equipment supplier contacted us asking to review their operation and business plan. Life was becoming more difficult particularly with a specific competitor who had deeper pockets. We reviewed their entire operation, sales and management team. Working with the management team we identified a number of issues and helped put in place plans and mentoring to address the issues. Twelve months on they are happily going from strength to strength.

Local Charity

A charity asked for help to review their ISO, H&S and HR policies in preparation for submitting tenders for extra work. We carried out a desk review as well as visited their sites to walk them through some ideas. We updated the policies and helped put in place a review process so they can stay compliant and benefit from more relevant and helpful policies. This turned into a regular review of other policies to help them out in an area they are not specialised in.

Health Services

A new innovative start-up national health organisation needed project management skills and coordinate their various mushrooming IT projects at breakneck speed. Their demand was soaring and we were able to put hands on deck to strengthen their management team in critical areas. A real roller coaster ride, and freeing up the original team to concentrate on supporting clients and patients and improving lives.

About Us

We are an independent consultancy

A gaggle of innovative peeps, who decided to set up our own consultancy to help others who needed a bit of real-life experience.

We have a wealth of experience in dynamic innovative senior roles. We have walked the walk, not just talked the talk.

We are passionate about helping others. We support senior managers and leaders in building successful organisations. We help small to medium businesses and senior management teams in larger organisations. We also help senior leadership teams in schools, and trustees and managers in charities or community projects. 

Any Questions?

If you need urgent help but do not know where to turn or just want a regular health check for your organisation contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can help. Our broad experience in  general management and operations can help. We have experienced, survived and prospered in all the business cycles. We also know key things to be wary off and avoid. New brooms come and go. We’ve had to sweep up the mess afterwards. This gives us an unique insight in how a successful business looks and feels. Our analytical and auditing background helps identify key issues quickly.

We have broad operations skills as well as customer services, marketing, procurement, IT, H&S, HR, ISO audito, risk management and compliance skills.

We offer a competitive day rate so you are not committed to spending months on consultants. You do not always have to commit to a long term contract. But sometimes a contract helps both sides. We can also charge by the hour to help minimise costs and be as flexible as you need. You only pay for what you need.