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Audits and Reviews

Sometimes we know something is wrong but can’t quite identify what it is. If we cannot identify the issue, we won’t know how to resolve the problem. We can help. 


We can help take an independent view of your organisation. We can help in complex and difficult situations particularly after a business disaster or critical event. We can also carry out routine health checks of your organisations to test the strengths and weaknesses and identify areas to improve or address.

It is all about reducing the risk. Identify the risks and put in place actions to address these risks.

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Support Services

We have a broad range of experience in managing day to day operations.

We have led Customer Services, central Human Resources, Health & Safety, ISO Management Systems, IT support and projects, Operations, Warehousing. As well as business continuity, business planning, risk management and compliance. Our IT skills include innovative CRM and ERP solutions, BI, ecommerce, KPI’s, telecoms, WordPress websites, plugins and API’s.

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Business Turnarounds and Exit Strategies

We have survived the whole business cycle from a start-up and rapid growth, mergers and organic growth, the plateau before consolidation and then critical situations that threaten the very survival or the organisation.


We were the sole statutory company director leading the team to rescue a company, re-structure the board and senior management, and turn a failing business into having a fighting chance of survival.

Book time ad hoc or subscribe for regular days each month or quarter.

Why Busicentre?

Our broad experience brings a wealth of skills and a holistic perspective to your organisation.

We work flexible hours to suit your needs. Our broad experience covers a wide range of business operations. 

Over thirty years senior management experience

Helicopter View

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